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Mind (Your) Own Business: Leadership and Brain
Leadership is a dynamic concept. Not everyone can be a leader. Along with empathy, there has to be a growth mindset ingrained that can catapult a leader along with his enterprise into higher realms of success.
17-06-2021 17:15:36 - Comment(s)
Are You Listening to Me, Boss?
Leading a business is a tough job given the image a company leader should uphold. The virtues of empathy, astute and accurate problem- solving and the quality of being a good listener are of foremost importance.
05-06-2021 10:09:21 - Comment(s)
Lead Thy Own Way: Pandemic and Changing Paradigms of leadership
In this article we would try to recount a few lines of work that the company leaders are doing and must do to keep the businesses adrift at a time when they have to deal with a financial slowdown, changed customer behaviour and employees who are weary of the dance of death are cooped up in homes
08-05-2021 12:24:35 - Comment(s)