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Business Intelligence: Making the Supply Chain Future-Ready
Business Intelligence has become the sine qua non of the modern supply chain. BI renders visibility into the loopholes that exist within the fabric of the chain and also forecasts trends on the basis of the pool of data that it transforms into actionable information.
10-08-2021 10:51:31 - Comment(s)
How Can Just-In-Time Delivery System Impact Your Business?: An Overview
Just-in-Time delivery system has gained momentum after the surge of e-commerce and online retailers. It is a kind of inventory management model that is in sync with lean manufacturing. Though it was developed in 1970s, it is still relevant and is a thriving business model.
04-08-2021 10:17:40 - Comment(s)
Information, Interpretation, Insight: Analytics in Logistics
There is a plethora of reasons behind data being called the new gold. With the latest and advanced analytical tools, businesses and in particular, the logistics industry can avert or withstand the disruptions that may come their way
11-06-2021 9:18:30 - Comment(s)
FinTech: Practicality and Efficacy
FinTech is a relatively new term which has become popular in common parlance recently. The term is an amalgamation of the words ‘financial’ and ‘technology’ and connotes modern and emerging technologies, generally utilized by businesses for delivering financial services in an efficient manner
24-05-2021 12:36:17 - Comment(s)
Of Men and Their Humdrum Do I Sing: Humanism in Supply Chain Industry
It is a matter of genuine relief that the modern world has shrugged off its slumber to a heightened consciousness regarding the decency in work environment in recent times. Decent workspace entails various facets and demands to it.
20-05-2021 17:49:46 - Comment(s)
Do Not Gallivant, but Have a Stride of Conviction: Pickers' Route Optimization in Warehouse
Order picking is one of the elements of warehousing, which involves picking products from inventory for delivery to customers. To minimize costs and the time it takes to pick orders, it is vital to streamline this process
17-05-2021 9:07:16 - Comment(s)
Implementation of Fictitious Technology on Practical Functioning in the day-to-day Walk of Life
This article tries to put into perspective the concept of fictitious technology and how they have become relevant in the modern day and age. The evolution of technology has been tremendously conspicuous in the past few decades and have actualised dreams that seemed too abstract at one point of time
06-05-2021 9:30:57 - Comment(s)
Reverse Logistics: The Domain on Equal Footing
While forward or the traditional form of logistics has forever been the mainstay of any business, the reverse logistics has always been that ignored child whose potentials are largely untapped in
27-04-2021 14:30:50 - Comment(s)