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The Pitfalls of Traditional Warehouses
The recent boom of the e-commerce sector has propelled warehousing to the centre stage. It has exposed the loopholes that existed within the industry's fabric and perpetuated the need for digital transformation.
03-09-2021 16:26:47 - Comment(s)
Trails that Blazed in Pandemic: Digital Transformation and Trends
Rattusapps, a cloud-based WMS provider brings to you blogs and articles on warehouse mangement, supply chain industry, logistics, technology, finance and leadership. in this issue we discuss the trends in digital transformatiion
22-05-2021 11:15:35 - Comment(s)
A Malady and Its Repercussions in SCM

Covid-19, the harrowing pandemic that the world is reeling with has been an epoch-marking incident in the world. Economy being an integral part of the society as well as its driving force has also been adversely affected by the bane of this malady. Along with all the economic activities that has bee...

25-04-2021 13:11:12 - Comment(s)