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All that You Need to Know about EDI
Electronic Data Interchange is a universally acknowledged system of data exchange that is effective in more ways than one. EDI helps business processes to comprehend documents perfectly and work upon them very swiftly, helping in reducing errors, giving impetus to efficiency, and increasing speed.
08-09-2021 11:31:05 - Comment(s)
Business Intelligence: Making the Supply Chain Future-Ready
Business Intelligence has become the sine qua non of the modern supply chain. BI renders visibility into the loopholes that exist within the fabric of the chain and also forecasts trends on the basis of the pool of data that it transforms into actionable information.
10-08-2021 10:51:31 - Comment(s)
5 Reasons why Your Business Deserves Support from SaaS
The phenomenon of Software-as-a-Service, which is popularly known by its acronym SaaS has taken the supply chain industry by storm. SaaS is indeed going to become a key factor in the industry 4.0 due to the advantages it brings along with it.
31-07-2021 15:33:02 - Comment(s)
7 Benefits of RFID that You Need to Know
The implementation of RFID has revolutionized the process of warehousing across the world. If you have not applied RFID technology in your DC, you must read this blog to know how RFID helps your warehouse in more ways than one.
25-06-2021 11:35:18 - Comment(s)
Information, Interpretation, Insight: Analytics in Logistics
There is a plethora of reasons behind data being called the new gold. With the latest and advanced analytical tools, businesses and in particular, the logistics industry can avert or withstand the disruptions that may come their way
11-06-2021 9:18:30 - Comment(s)
Why Digital Twins are Essential in 21st Century Industry?
For those who have not yet been initiated into the definition of it, digital twin, in the simplest words, alludes to the virtual replication of every possible aspect that is associated with the supply chain and that can include assets, warehousing, inventory positions et al.
29-05-2021 9:40:56 - Comment(s)
AI/ML and the Quid Pro Quo
Artificial Intelligence(AI) is an umbrella term that embeds multiple aspects in it! To keep the nomenclature simple, we need to understand its torn-down version i.e. Machine Learning(ML).
27-05-2021 13:10:24 - Comment(s)
Implementation of Fictitious Technology on Practical Functioning in the day-to-day Walk of Life
This article tries to put into perspective the concept of fictitious technology and how they have become relevant in the modern day and age. The evolution of technology has been tremendously conspicuous in the past few decades and have actualised dreams that seemed too abstract at one point of time
06-05-2021 9:30:57 - Comment(s)