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Green Supply Chain: Necessity of Sustainability
Green supply chain is no more a generous initiative for some of the top corporate houses. More than just being a CSR objective of reducing harmful impacts of industrial activities it has become a means of boosting up business performance for sustaining the environment as well as the companies.
23-08-2021 10:51:21 - Comment(s)
Being Transparent, Being Visible
Transparency in business, which comes with end-to-end visibility, enabled by advanced technology in the supply chain domain has become the cornerstone. All the stakeholders associated with the industry get to reap the fruit of this investment. Read more to know how.
21-07-2021 11:31:27 - Comment(s)
Letters for the Men of Letters in SCM
Any person or company that wishes to flourish in the world of supply chain management must take cognizance of these terminologies and implement them to a greater degree in their business
22-04-2021 10:29:53 - Comment(s)
Not with a Coffee-spoon but with KPIs: TMS and the Metrics to Measure
A proper solution system, savvy with technology that can measure the KPIs has passed in to become the need of the hour.
20-04-2021 13:05:58 - Comment(s)
The Sine Qua Non Called TMS
The fundamental efficacy of traditional TMS lies in effective transportation, as the very jargon implies
17-04-2021 11:53:11 - Comment(s)